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After 19 years of working in osteopathy I still get a buzz and immense satisfaction when I see the lives of my patients improving. I use tried and tested structural techniques and clinical skills to restore function and mobility to help my patients return to their busy lives. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, and my job as an osteopath is to assist in this. Patients seek my help whether they have sustained a specific injury, or experienced repetitive damage to their bodies in the course of their daily activities. I have had the privilege of working alongside world class athletes at many major sporting events, including the London Paralympics, European Games and the recent Rio 2016 Olympics.

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I competed at a high level in athletics for more than 10 years. During this period, I suffered repetative injures, which led me to receive medical care on a regular basis from a team of clinicians. During the many Osteopathic and physiotherapy sessions, I began to understand the importance of taking good care of the my body, in order for it to function well and more efficiently.

That’s why, naturally, at the end of my athletic career, I started studying Osteopathy.

The most important thing for me is to take the time to explain to patients, what may be the source of the problem, to explain the treatment, offer the most relevant advice to improve their well-being, and help them reach their goals, in all stages of their life.

I believe in the interdisciplinary team approach, that is for me, the future of patient care. The depth of knowledge at TTR, and the level of teamwork, enables us to provide the patient with the appropriate care to get them back to their best.

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My lifelong passion for sport and physical performance meant it was only natural that I should go into massage with a special interest in sport. I find the human body to be a formidable machine, capable of incredible agility and movement. I am very fortunate to have a job that can help people return to physical health and wellbeing after suffering with muscular and joint problems. I want to establish a partnership with my patients and fully support them in their health and I really enjoy the time I spend with my patients.

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I have real passion in my work as a massage therapist, striving for perfection and always on a quest to improve and acquire new techniques. It is imperative to me that I stay up-to-date on new developments in massage – to develop new skills, keep me inspired and offer my clients confidence in my knowledge and abilities. I am professional, caring and dedicated to my patients. I offer a full range of massage therapies helping clients with stress, postural muscle tension, through to post-sport muscle soreness.

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A long time sport enthusiast, I was always intrigued by the work of my therapists.  So I decided to make this my profession.  Naturally curious and a natural perfectionist, my daily motivation is to offer effective therapeutic care to my patients that answers their needs and hopes.

Working with the Geneva Servette Hockey Club as masseur has been a great experience to help me develop my sense of touch as a sports masseur.  And in all the types of bodywork I practice I particularly appreciate the aspect of working with the patient to find that personal key to better health.





Osteopath Since 2011, I have always wanted to treat taking into account the whole of each patient. Every patient and their clinical presentation is unique. My treatments are therefore tailored specifically for each individual patient.

After achieving my Osteopathic Degree I furthered my knowledge by gaining diplomas in post urology, TMJ, nutrition and sport.

My last diploma was in pregnancy and the care of the newborn. An area I am truly passionate about. These skills enable me to help my expectant mums prepare their bodies during this incredible adaption and journey, before and after childbirth.

The more agile and mobile our body, the better the state of health of our tissues, which in turn promotes their capacity for self-healing. This is why I regularly give my patients exercise.

I look forward to meeting you!