Manual therapy that works with the body’s own healing mechanism to restore equilibrium, function and mobility.

The Case History

A complete Case History is taken which will not only include the presenting problem but questions on past and present health, the family’s medical history, medication, traumas, operations, and lifestyle.


  • Postural assessment;
  • Assessment of your movements;
  • Sitting/lying or both positions examined passively;
  • Clinical tests.

These assessments will inform the osteopath of the tissues causing you pain but also highlight functional restrictions, muscle tension and imbalances affecting the body as a whole.

Our Osteopaths will explain to you their findings and the conclusions drawn from the examination.


Osteopathic techniques are gentle and generally pain-free. The treatment modalities used range from gentle rocking techniques to soft tissue and massage, joint articulation, stretching and if required, joint manipulation, which quickly opens the joint and can produce a painless “pop” or “click”.

You may be given advice and exercises to do before the next appointment.

What to Wear

In most cases you will be asked to undress down to your underwear to allow a thorough examination to be carried out. You are recommended to wear comfortable underwear or bring sports kit.

After Treatment

Every patient is unique and will react differently to treatment. Generally there is an improvement in function but the discomfort may last for a couple of days or even be worse initially as the bodies adapts post ostheopathy treatment. You are always encouraged to contact the osteopath with any concerns of questions!


1st consultation 140 CHF (1 hour)

additional consultations 125 CHF (45 mins)