Movement and exercise therapy to manage pain and rehabilitate injury after surgery.

First appointment:

Please bring your prescription and insurance card and be prepared to fill out your personal details such as address and date of birth for our records.

If possible bring some sports attire to change into for your session, a tee-shirt and shorts or sweat pants.

Physiotherapy is movement based therapy so the therapist may have to move you around physically, have you perform postural test or movement tests to asses your complaint and make a treatment plan.

Following sessions:

may involve stability exercises, exercises using equipment, manual treatment by the physiotherapist and ‘homework’.

The standard physio session lasts 25 minutes and is covered by your medical insurance. However, this time goes quickly and for clients who wish to make better progress, we highly recommend a longer session of an additional 25 minutes at a cost to you of CHF 53. You may like to discuss this option with your physiotherapist.

Please Note:

If you have a prescription for 9 sessions of physiotherapy it is valid only if you start your course of treatment within 5 weeks of the date of issue. Following treatments will be covered by the insurance for 3 months after this. Beyond this time your prescription is no longer valid.