Leadership and Life Coaching

Get the most out of your life in Geneva with tailored support for new arrivals to help settle in to this hugely rewarding city.

Relocation Coaching – Newly landed?

Moving to a new country can be a wonderful experience and an exciting opportunity to grow and explore, however it can also feel like a rollercoaster of change: finding somewhere to live; making it a home; settling your children into a new life, learning the local culture and exploring your new surroundings.

We can help make your transition to Geneva that little bit easier and guide you through this new chapter of your life journey with our tailor-made orientation sessions.

Life Coaching – Are you stuck?

You’ve achieved a lot so far, but you need help getting to the next level in your life & career or are you just unsure about what you wish you were doing, even though you know it’s not what you’re doing right now? We’re here to help.

Business Coaching – Leadership development.

In today’s global workplace, business leaders need to know how to embrace: mobile-virtual workforces, multiple generations with different values and ideas and cultural diversity, however this does not come without its challenges. We offer leadership programmes to individuals and corporate business to help them exploit this diversity to their advantage.

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Life coaching is offered in a package of 5 hourly sessions – 750 CHF

For individual or corporate Leadership Performance coaching please contact us directly.