About insurance


There are several ways to be reimbursed for your physiotherapy treatments depending on your circumstances and insurance provider.


If you have Swiss health insurance and a prescription from your doctor your treatments will be reimbursed by your health insurance provider (LAMal), or, in the case of an accident, by your accident insurance (LAA). All prescriptions must be started within 5 weeks of the prescribing date and are valid for treatments for 3 months. After this they expire and ‘unused’ treatments are not reimbursed.

If your injury is classed as an accident you need to provide the form issued to you, by the hospital or your employer or other, with the date of the accident and the policy number (‘le sinistre’) on it.

If you have private or international insurance you will pay for your treatments yourself and receive proof of payment to send to your insurance provider along with your prescription. In some cases international insurance requires authorisation for treatment which we have to apply for. If, for any reason, your insurance does not agree to cover your expenses and you have already had treatments you are liable for these costs.

Please remember that if you have a franchise on your health care policy you will be required to pay this yourself.

You can also receive physiotherapy treatment if you do not posses a doctors prescription. This will be directly charged to you at a rate of 65 CHF for a 30 minute treatment. This is to be payed at reception immediately after the treatment.

In all cases please present your insurance card at reception in order to be registered as a client in our system.

At TTR Physiotherapy billing is handled electronically by the Caisse des Médecins, a state approved medical billing service, offering the best possible guarantees and privacy for our patients.

Osteopathy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy & Massages

In Switzerland it is possible to be reimbursed for complementary or alternative medicine. For this you will need to have Complementary Medical Insurance in addition to the basic health care insurance, either private or LAMal, from your health insurance provider. All our therapists are ASCA accredited and Osteopathy is covered by RME.

As insurance policies vary enormously you will need to contact your insurance provider to find out if you are reimbursed for complimentary care and the terms thereof.

This is the same for treatments such as lymphatic drainage,, prenatal massage, reflexology, shiatsu and anti-cellulite massage. All treatments are paid at reception and at the at the end of your treatment series we will be happy to issue an invoice to send to your insurance company.

Osteopathy 140 CHF 60 mins 125 CHF 60 mins
Craniosacral Therapy 125 CHF 60 mins 125 CHF 60 mins
Massage Refer to ‘Massage’ in Treatments section